Subsurface drip irrigation goes beneath the soil to deliver water and nutrients straight to the root zone of each plant, boosting yields, elevating sucrose content, extending ratoon life and lowering operational costs.

That’s why, for more than 30 years, sugarcane farmers have been switching to subsurface drip irrigation.

Why choose subsurface drip irrigation for sugarcane?

More tons per hectare

  • Grow more cane
    Average yields with drip irrigation are up to 50% higher when compared to sprinkler systems or flood irrigation, and up to 200% higher than rain-fed plantations
  • Extend ratoon life
    Optimal delivery of both water and nutrients reduces plant stress and significantly extends ratoon life, giving you an average of 8 to 10 cuts
  • Increase sucrose content
    Drip irrigation can increase sucrose content by up to 2% when compared to flood irrigated or rain-fed plantations
Drip irrigation for sugarcane

Optimize resources

  • Achieve 100% land utilization
    Drip irrigates uniformly, even in the face of odd shape fields or slopes, unlike pivots which leave “dead” corners
  • Produce more cane per m3 water
    Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone, preventing evaporation and runoff, so 100% of your water is used for producing cane
  • Minimize labor costs
    Since drip irrigation systems can be operated remotely, they require less investment in labor when compared to portable sprinkler systems or flood irrigation
  • Optimize fertilizer application
    Fertigation through subsurface drip places your fertilizer exactly where it’s needed, at precisely the right time, avoiding loss to leaching or excessive application




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“We wanted to scale up energy production with limited resources.” Hermes Arantes



"Each hectare covered its costs quickly by generating high yields. We’ve been producing an annual average of 150 tons of cane since the project’s first year.”

CSS Sugarcane, Senegal

CSS Sugarcane, Senegal

With irrigation technology, Pedro could increase production up to 71%

“You're able to hit the minimum amount to get the maximum production”

Pedro Cojuangco

Sugarcane Farmer, Philippines

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Precision irrigation for field crops & vegetables farms

Precision irrigation for field crops & vegetables farms

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Precision fertigation

Precision fertigation

Plant nutrition isn’t a matter of quantity – it’s a matter of efficiency. Precision fertigation delivers nutrients straight to the roots of each plant, in personalized combinations, with perfect timing. So you use fertilizer more efficiently and get the best return on your inputs. Even in cases where soil moisture is balanced and there is no need for additional irrigation, applying nutrients through your system allows you to give your crop what it needs, when it need it, to grow much higher yields.

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Our products

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