Top quality banana production and record yields with precision irrigation

Running your banana business well requires generating consistent yields with no surprises. This means producing top quality bananas in the demanded quantities, and all at the right time. From getting the perfect finger size to extending the productive life of each plantation to the fullest, precision irrigation allows you to maximize your profits.

Why precision irrigation?

  • Don’t let the weather get you down!  
    Dry spells can pose a major risk to banana productivity, even if you grow in a rainy area. With precision irrigation, you can lower climate related risks and reduce the unpredictable factors common to banana growing, increasing your production stability. 
  • Give your bananas exactly what they need, and save on your resources 
    Drip irrigation, is the perfect delivery system that, provides the most efficient delivery of water and nutrients to the roots of your bananas, letting them grow to the best of their full potential. 
  • Get the most from each and every hectare! 
    With precision irrigation and modern agricultural practices, you can increase your productivity per hectare while enjoying the ability to deliver constant shipments of high quality produce to your markets. 

Things we often get asked:

Growers stories



Insufficient water resources and difficult topography were not enough to stop João Teixeira.

“Many of those who visited us are surprised that we got such high yields”.

João Teixeira

Banana, Brazil

Want to grow top quality bananas

Want to grow top quality bananas

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