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With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Hemp is quickly becoming a significant agricultural crop. That being said, meeting water and fertilizer requirements can be difficult because there is a lack of research and agronomical knowledge related to Hemp. With little resources and research available about how to properly fertilize and water Hemp, prospective growers must walk and not run with the right partners and have realistic expectations in place. Luckily, Netafim is here to help you! Netafim is working with the most recognized Hemp Researchers to develop the optimized way to grow Hemp

The Challenge - Meeting Hemp Water Requirements

Hemp is hard to grow, it has high nutrient and water demands and is a labor-intensive crop. It prefers moist but not saturated soils with high levels of aeration and no other method of irrigation can deliver minimal amounts of water with the needed nutrients without driving out beneficial soil aeration.

Drip irrigation reduces unwanted weed growth as you will no longer be wetting the soil surface and germinating weed seeds or feeding weeds with valuable fertilizers. In addition, the density of the foliage when kept damp & wet by overhead irrigation (center-pivot) can lead to foliage diseases and reduced crop performance. Keeping the soil around the plant and the foliage dry leads to a healthier natural environment to give your crop the boost that it needs to drive your bottom line.

NEW Financing Solutions for Hemp Growers

Financial solutions service offering now includes financing of drip irrigation systems and components for use in hemp growing applications. Qualified* hemp growers have access to convenient financing options.

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What You Need To Know To Grow?

Before jumping into which irrigation system you should choose to meet hemp water requirements, you should make sure you have thoroughly considered a myriad of factors: Business Plan, Land, Seed, Irrigation, Processors, Customers, and Financing.

Whether you are growing hemp for fiber, seed or CBD oil, Hemp is hard to grow. It has a high nutrient and water demands and is a labor-intensive crop. It’s important you research your best irrigation and fertigation methods. Take the time to consult with agronomists, local agencies and other farmers to learn about crop maintenance, harvesting, and mechanized irrigation.


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Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation


With Industrial Hemp farming becoming widely popular, one South Carolina farm spearheads the movement. Arrowhead Seed Company is the first to produce, market and sell feminized hemp seed in South Carolina.

It takes a pioneer to understand a pioneer.

Arrowhead Seed

Hemp, USA


From seasonal to permanent systems, only Netafim offers complete integrated and customized drip irrigation systems, coupled with exceptional customer support.

Flexible Pipe

Flexible Pipe

FlexNet™ is a high-performance, flexible, lightweight piping solution. It’s offered in a wide range of diameters with integral welded connectors which ensure a leak-proof connection. It’s proven to reduce the overall material and labor costs of an entire irrigation system.



Designed to address whatever challenges you’re dealing with, from fair quality to harsh water conditions.

Digital Farming & Fertigation

Digital Farming & Fertigation

Find out how digital farming is empowering growers with precision irrigation to control their own destinies in new ways.

Pressure And Flow Control

Pressure And Flow Control

Regulate pressure and flow rate, and ensure optimal function, resulting in smooth operation and uniform crops.

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Talk To Our Hemp Experts

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