Grow more with less™

Grow higher, better yields every season, with precision irrigation – no matter your crop, climate patterns, soil type or topography. 

Here’s how

Know more. Grow more

Know more. Grow more

Analyze, control and optimize every crop, in real time 

Here's how

Precision Irrigation Changes the Economics of Agriculture.

In the past, if you wanted to grow more, you needed more fertilizer, labor or land. Precision irrigation is about reversing this age-old relationship between cost and output.

It’s about delivering the perfect amount of water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant – not the soil. So you grow bigger, better yields every season – with fewer resources. 

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A plant nursery is where they grow plants from seed, using the appropriate fertilizers, watering schedule, light, etc. Its importance is that not everyone can be as successful growing plants from seed as a plant nursery, and also most people prefer the convenience of purchasing an already-grown plant rather than trying to grow it from seed.

Oil Palm

Oil Palm

Produce consistently more palm oil with precision irrigation in Africa. It institutes higher yields with better quality and uniformity, reduces operating costs and helps trees reach full maturity sooner.



Achieve highly efficient and consistent cocoa production, and improve your yields with Netafim’s precision irrigation.



Discover Netafim’s solutions to help you increase your yields and produce consistently fresh and tasty bananas!

Digital Farming field

You’ll Never Turn a Valve Again

Monitor, analyze and optimize every stage of every plant’s lifecycle

Get more precise, automated control over every detail of your farm, and deeper insights into your crop health, soil conditions and yield performance – with support and guidance at every step. So it’s easier to run your farm and boost your profitability.


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Precision Irrigation Solutions

Whatever you grow, we’ll help you grow more of it

Sustainability Means Profitability

Today, the best way to deliver bigger, better, more profitable yields is also the most sustainable agriculture. Find out how we work with partners to protect the environment, empower populations and enable global prosperity with precision irrigation.


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Growers Stories

Meet the people pioneering precision irrigation

With irrigation technology, Pedro could increase production up to 71%

“You're able to hit the minimum amount to get the maximum production”

Pedro Cojuangco

Sugarcane Farmer, Philippines

He maximized efficiency to the fullest with irrigation technology

“It's not just a product. It's a solution”  

Mike Melendres

Organic Farmer, Philippines

Ega bumped up 24kg of production to 33kg averagely.

"Does it compensate for our investment? I could say, yes! very much”

Ega Lopez

Banana Farmer, Philippines

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