Flexible and PE Pipes for Precision Irrigation

Flexible and PE Pipes for Precision Irrigation

You wouldn’t think there’s been a lot of innovation in conduction pipes for main and submain irrigation lines. But new designs, new materials and special accessories are making it both easier and more efficient to assemble and operate irrigation systems.

Believe it or not, you’re about to be impressed by a pipe.

Netafim FlexNet pipes


It weighs less than half as much as other pipes, you can order it with customized pre-welded outlet spacing for your land, it’s four times faster to install and it never leaks.

It’s the most innovative pipe in irrigation – designed to be easier to use, more durable and entirely customizable.  

    Easy to use

These reinforced portable pipes are quick and easy to install thanks to their integral welded outlets, and the fact that they weigh two-thirds less than comparable lay-flat pipes. So you’ll cut your labor by installing or moving them a lot faster.

With perfect sealing thanks to patented welded outlets, these pipes will reduce leaks, muddy spots and weeds, providing top performance over multiple years. Plus, they won’t snake like other sub-main pipes that move position over time and temperature changes.



They’re also white colored for thermal resistance, and can withstand high chemical and UV exposure.

PE Pipes for Water Conduction

When you put pipes in the ground, you want to know they’re produced from the best raw materials, and complying with the highest-quality standards. You don’t want any surprises below – or above – ground. Just reliable, smooth irrigation for your field.

Netafim offers a wide range of PE pipes of different diameters, pressure ratings, coil types and colors. These include tie coils (standard or colored), stretched wrapped coils, rod pipes and coiled on metal drums.

PE Pipes for Water Conduction

Netafim Irrigation PE Tubes and Micro-Tubes

A range of PE tubes and micro-tubes designed for all irrigation applications. From pot-plant or growbag irrigation to command tubes and automation – in all diameters, colors and packaging. These include coils for self-cutting or long-running command tubes, and cut pieces that are readily available in all lengths.

Netafim Irrigation PE Tubes and Micro-Tubes
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