Netafim Services

Netafim Services is the new way to adopt precision irrigation with expert support, great results and minimum risks.

So now you can choose a tailor-made irrigation solution with exactly the level of support you need.

We support you with what we're good at.
Leaving you to focus on what you're good at.

A new model for precision irrigation

As the world’s leading irrigation company, we help the world grow more with less. Our mission is to drive mass adoption of smart irrigation to fight scarcity of food, water and land.

Netafim Services is the next big step. Taking inspiration from other industries, we are making precision irrigation available through three subscription-based Service Plans.

So now you can choose a tailor-made irrigation solution with exactly the level of support you need.

Higher yields, lower capital investment

For the first time you can lease a complete irrigation solution for your business from Netafim for a monthly or annual charge.

Or purchase your irrigation system and Netafim will take responsibility for operation and maintenance.

Our experts prepare a tailor-made solution for your crop. You achieve maximum results with minimum risk, and avoid adoption barriers.

Precision irrigation is proven to increase yields by 30% - 100%. With Netafim Services you can benefit from precision irrigation faster and with less risk.

Our Three Service Plans



Irrigation as a Service

IaaS is a pioneering new model from Netafim. It enables large farming operations to implement drip irrigation with minimum risk and maximum success – and in the shortest possible timeframe.

  • Netafim designs, installs and operates a tailor-made irrigation system for you
  • Netafim owns the system and you pay a monthly charge
  • No capital investment or depreciation costs
  • 5-10 year contract


Operation and Maintenance

O&M is a comprehensive system-management plan. You purchase your irrigation system and Netafim takes responsibility for operating and maintaining it and maximising its efficiency.

  • You purchase your irrigation system from Netafim
  • Netafim designs, installs and operates the system for you
  • 3-5 year contract


Annual Service Program

You purchase and operate your irrigation system, Netafim provide technical and agronomical support. That includes system optimization and periodical agronomical visits.

  • You own and operate your irrigation system
  • Netafim experts monitor and supervise over a series of pre-planned visits
  • Renewable annual contract

Mexico's largest dairy producer chooses Netafim's managed irrigation services to reduce risks and increase profitability

"Let Netafim take control over the irrigation system and we as producers focus on producing our crops and not being distracted by maintaining and operating the system".

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Ready to grow?

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