Conserve water and increase tea yield with precision irrigation

Tea Yield is often limited by insufficient or ineffective delivery of water and nutrients required for optimum growth and quality. Precision irrigation produces high yields and stable production in all conditions.

Why precision irrigation for tea?

  • Overcome environmental challenges and reduce risk 
    Unfavorable weather conditions have resulted in a decrease in tea production. With precision irrigation, climate-related risks are eliminated as the tea plant receives the correct amount of water and nutrients.
  • Optimal nutrition - even in the wet season 
    During the rainy season, nutrient leaching can be a real problem for tea crops. Most of it can be avoided by applying fertilizers through the drip irrigation system directly to the root zone.
  • Drip irrigation – everyone’s cup of tea 
    Whether you grow on a single hectare or thousands of hectares, on a slope or on a flat plot, Precision irrigation is the solution that can meet your special needs.
  • Get more from every hectare 
    With precision irrigation and modern agricultural practices such as fertigation, mechanical harvesting and Intensive pruning, you can increase productivity per hectare and deliver a high-quality product.
  • Faster plant-to-commercial production 
    By keeping tea plants healthy with precision nutrition and no water stress, the time of plant-to-commercial production is reduced, leading to a faster profit. 

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Recommended solutions for tea

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your tea?

Do you want record yields and super-fast ROI on your tea?

Let’s find the best solution for your tea plantations.