Our mission

Our mission

To boost rural development and socio-economic growth by bringing precision irrigation and modern agriculture to farming communities in the Karnataka region.

Project details

Country: India 

Type: Community irrigation 

Size: 11,700 ha 

Project summary

Project summary

As the largest community irrigation project in the world, Ramthal has delivered equitable water supply and profitable agriculture to around 7,000 smallholders across 22 communities in the water-starved Karnataka region. Initiated by Netafim, and implemented in partnership with the regional government and MEIL, the Ramthal project covers 11,700-hectares and showcases Netafim’s ability to synchronize the activities of multiple governmental agencies, local water associations and third-party contractors, to deliver an integrated solution capable of overcoming a variety of energy, infrastructure and organizational challenges.  As well as advancing rural development, this flagship community irrigation project has played an important role in supporting female empowerment and consolidating domestic food security.

Results achieved

22 villages


Impacting the lives of

7,000 farmers

2x crop yields

Using same amount of water

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Due to its massive scale and complexity, Netafim was profoundly involved in all aspects of the project, from initial feasibility and planning to the design of the bulk water supply, and then to knowledge transfer and training of farmers in the use of automated and digital precision irrigation technologies.

  • Irrigation system design 
  • Project execution 
  • Capacity building 
  • Agronomical planning and support 
  • Aftersales technical support 

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